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Roccat Isku FX - Multicolor Gaming Keyboard

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SKU: ROC-12-901
Multicolor key illumination
with 6 adjustable brightness levels
Macro live! recording
with dedicated M-Rec button; for up to 180+ macros stored in 5 game profiles
Roccat driver + macro manager
incl. macro presets for games & apps
Lock-fast keyboard feet
for slip-free play & perfect height
3 unique easy-shift[+] zones
for easy key duplication
8 configurable media & hotkeys
for quick access to more than 25 functions
Extra-large granular wrist rest
with control-improving surface
Ultra-fast profile switching
indicated by 5 blue status LEDs
36 easy-to-reach macro keys
including 3 ROCCAT Thumbster keys
Medium-height keys
with an optimum keystroke response, 1000Hz polling rate & advanced anti-ghosting
Cable channels
for better device organization
Roccat talk - set bonus
get more out of your ROCCAT devices by combining their functions


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Technical Specifications

Connection Type
USB Wired



Total gaming domination. Skill is essential, but the right tool is what puts a dedicated gamer over the top. Combining amazing technical engineering with savvy, eye-pleasing design, the ROCCAT Isku FX Multicolor Gaming Keyboard offers you supreme quality, precision command, and a bold, uniquely ROCCAT design. The Isku FX is the complete package.


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