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Roccat Ryos MK Advanced Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Black Cherry MX Key Switch

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SKU: ROC-12-601
High-powered Hardware:
32-bit ARM Cortex processor + 2 MB of flash memory
Mechanical keyboard with 113 keys
Advanced anti-ghosting with N-key rollover
CHERRY MX key switches
3 programmable thumbster keys (T1 - T3)
5 programmable macro keys (M1 - M5)
94 other programmable keys
1000 hz polling rate, 1 ms response time
1.8 m cable and integrated cable channel.


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Technical Specifications

Connection Type
USB Wired
Switch Type
Cherry MX Black



Easy-Shift [+] Becomes easy Keyboard - assign a secondary function to virtually any key. N-Key Rollover - means advanced anti-ghosting High Powered Hardware - 32-bit ARM Cortex processor + 2 MB of flash memory. Roccat Achievements Display - keep track of your vital statistics Top Notch Key Switches- Mechanical CHERRY MX key switches Smudge Proof Glossy Look - killer look - with no fingerprints Complete Comfort, Rock Solid - jumbo-size integrated wrist rest


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