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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please see below a list of our most frequently asked questions, in alphabetical order.

Can I add to my existing order?
Yes, you can add to an order by calling or emailing us

Does all equipment come with a warranty?
Yes, there is a one year warranty on all products unless stipulated on the invoice differently. This includes parts & labour. Equipment stipulated below comes with a manufacturer’s warranty and must be taken to their respective vendors for warranties. We are unable to service these warranties at PC EXPRESS.

Does PC EXPRESS accept Corporate Purchase Orders?
Yes we accept Corporate Purchase Orders; however there will be a need for the company to fill in a credit application form for 30 day payments.

Does PC EXPRESS offer insurance on all packages?
Yes, shipping insurance is available, if requested, on all orders at a cost of 1.5%

How long does it take to have a PC assembled?
Usually 24 hours. However, should you require it sooner please speak to your sales person.

What do I bring with when collecting stock?
Sales order reference number and proof of payment.

What forms of payment are accepted?
PC EXPRESS accepts Credit Card and EFT as forms of payments. Master or Visa is accepted.

What is PC EXPRESS's warranty policy?
All equipment is sold with a manufacturer's warranty unless otherwise specified

Can I add to my existing order?
Yes, you can add to an order by calling or emailing us

Refunds & Returns
It is the duty of the customer to return any defective goods to the premises of the organisation at his own cost.

What is your software & consumable return policy?
We do not accept any returns on software & consumables, whether opened or not. This is in line with the industry, as it opens doors for counterfeiting.