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Asus Hardware

Asus Hardware

Transform your business with Asus Laptops – we have everything you need for your computer needs all in one place – a one-stop-shopping experience for your shopping convenience. Information is the lifeblood of any business – it can be trapped in an office or on a laptop but it needs to live in the cloud so that it can be shared and acted upon at a moment’s notice.

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Asus and Asus Laptops

Asus laptops are also superlative in their amalgamation of advanced technology and high-tech design where science and creativity reach the peak of integration; where innovation drives good looks with each and every Asus laptop offered.

A full range of needs are met at all times with this clever choice of computers – these include gaming, multimedia, business and personal – whatever you crave, Asus has your back. Asus is also a brilliant choice for budget-minded shoppers.

Why PC Express should be your first (and last) port of call when shopping for computers:

  1. An excellent track record and having built up long-standing relationships with clients over a decade says much for any business – PC International has been around for ten years, nurturing valuable relationships with clients, offering superb service to businesses from many industries.
  2. You will be spoilt for choice when looking for the best IT brands – PCI offers a multitude of offerings that will cater for all your needs whether it is for the home, office or purely for fun.
  3. Even though the primary focus is government, corporate and IT resellers – retail is serviced via a retail shop-front catering to the needs of everyone.
  4. PCI has the competitive edge, joining forces with leading brands. Partnering with prominent brands include Intel, HP, Seagate, Samsung, Acer, LG, amongst others, enables the supply of numerous IT products at the very best possible prices with plenty of stock availability
  5. PCI delivers on time, every time.
  6. All in-house custom-built PC’s are constructed from premium, hand-picked quality parts and are ISO approved, making PCI incomparable.
  7. Frequent newsletter to the existing client base regarding updates on price changes and new features as well as any new products is a nice little touch; keeping customers in the loop is a smart way in having the upper hand, ensuring the competition becomes irrelevant.
  8. Excellent logistics makes a difference - PCI offers a powerful logistics option with outstanding warehousing and in-house dispatch that are more than capable of handling deliveries across the country – this guarantees an efficient, reliable, safe, and punctual delivery every time.

Asus X Series Laptop

You can now enjoy the everlasting, archetypal design of the Asus X Series.

The Asus X Series is a brilliant all-round laptop for work and play sporting hard-wearing features, and a sophisticated concentric circle appearance in a wide range of interesting colours including standard black or white as well as other funky colours such as Lavender Purple and Passion Pink, to match your individual personality. The X Series features audio-visual augmented technologies resulting in brilliant visuals and a perfect pitch.

Asus ZenBook Laptop

The ZenBook is perfect for business people on the go – it is slim and lightweight, sporting a delightful design for everyone, brimming with high-performance technology.

Do all those amazing things with your ZenBook which boasts the many features expected from such a lovely-looking laptop. Select one of the many Asus Laptops where nothing short of a blend of excellent design and productivity will be offered. To productivity, thoughtful design has been added to the mix.